These islands were occupied by the Soviet Union in 1945. In Okinawa, the rainy season starts early in May and continues until mid June. Appropriately 40 cubic kilometers of magma would be released in one burst and cause enormous damage.[149]. The
of Japan
Mr. Unzen erupted in 1792 and killed more than 15,000 people. Can you answer these random questions about the geography of Japan? Approximately 10.3 typhoons approach within the 300 kilometer range near the coast of Japan. Mt Fuji (NG Kids, video) Games about Japan. Japan is a shimaguni, also known as an island country. View as Printable Worksheet. [74] The continental shelves of the sea are wide on the eastern shores along Japan. The Greater Tokyo Area on Honshu is the largest metropolitan area (megacity) in the world with 38,140,000 people (2016). [16], The Japanese islands are the summits of mountain ridges uplifted near the outer edge of the continental shelf. It has a population of 104,000,000 with a population density of 450/km2 (1,200/sq mi) (2010). On the western shores, they are narrow particularly along the Korean and Russian coast, averaging about 30 km (19 mi). [24] The highest point in the country is Mount Fuji (Fujisan, also erroneously called Fujiyama), a volcano dormant since 1707 that rises to 3,776 m (12,388 ft) above sea level in Shizuoka Prefecture. The relief map of the Japanese archipelago shows that 50% of Japan's sea territory has an ocean volume between 0 and 4,000 m (13,000 ft) depth. [2], Japan has the third largest geothermal reserves in the world. It struck offshore about 371 kilometres (231 mi) northeast of Tokyo and 130 kilometres (81 mi) east of the city of Sendai, and created a massive tsunami that devastated Japan's northeastern coastal areas. The Kanto region alone is estimated to have over 400 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves. It has the second smallest population of 3,845,534 million (2015)[9][115] and the third highest population density of 204.55 km2 (78.98 sq mi). That is nearly 11 times larger than the national average of 2.4 hectares. A similar effect is found in Hokkaido, where Okhotsk Subprefecture receives as little as 750 millimetres (30 in) per year. There are no successful commercial ventures that mine the deep sea yet. Japan geography impacts its development in various ways. Hokkaido is near Sakhalin, which was occupied by Japan from 1905 to 1945. The southernmost reach is the Ryukyu Islands. Fuji), of which about 20 remain active. The Sea of Japan separates the Japanese archipelago (island chains) from the Asian continent. There are also nearly 4,000 smaller islands, too! The city of, The Aso Caldera stretches 25 kilometers north to south and 18 kilometers east to west in, The Kikai Caldera is a massive, mostly submerged caldera up to 19 kilometres (12 mi) in diameter in the Ōsumi Islands of Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. Geography. [24], Rivers are generally steep and swift, and few are suitable for navigation except in their lower reaches. There are 6,852 islands in total. This presentation also includes some information related to the tradition of the Japanese [34], There is a risk of contamination on artificial islands with landfill and reclaimed land if there was industry that spilled (toxic) chemicals into the ground. Japan has a longstanding claim of the Southern Kuril Islands (Etorofu, Kunashiri, Shikotan, and the Habomai Islands). Seno et al., 1996 Journal of Geophysical Research; Apel et al., 2006 Geophysical Research Letters; CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, Okada, A., On the Quaternary faulting along the Median Tectonic Line, in. 4.3. There is a rainy season in early summer, and typhoons hit parts of the country every year during late summer. Late 20th and early 21st century projects include artificial islands such as Chubu Centrair International Airport in Ise Bay, Kansai International Airport in the middle of Osaka Bay, Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise and Wakayama Marina City. Subduction zones are sites that usually have a high rate of volcanism and earthquakes. ", "Japan aims for 24% renewable energy but keeps nuclear central", "Table 2.10 Population of Three Major Metropolitan Areas", Japan Statistics Bureau – Keihin'yō Major Metropolitan Area, "Discover the Geography of the 4 Main Islands of Japan", Satellite images of stable night time lights in Japan, "City of the future sinks into the ocean", "M 9.1 – near the east coast of Honshu, Japan", "Devastation as Tsunami Crashes Into Japan", "巨大カルデラ噴火のメカニズムとリスクを発表 (Announce the mechanism and risk of a huge caldera eruption)", "Giant lava dome confirmed in Japan's Kikai Caldera", "NASA is trying to figure out how to contain a supervolcano that could destroy humanity", Annual Report on the Environment in Japan 2006, "Colton's Japan: Nippon, Kiusiu, Sikok, Yesso and the Japanese Kuriles",, Wikipedia articles incorporating a citation from the 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica with Wikisource reference, Wikipedia articles incorporating text from the United States Geological Survey, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2011, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Articles needing additional references from October 2018, All articles needing additional references, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2020, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2016, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, varied; tropical in the south to cool continental in the north, and mountainous areas being. Improving technology and methods to predict volcano and giant caldera eruptions would help to prepare and evacuate people earlier. Cities have been part of Japan's geography since the early 8th century CE. What is your preferred length for a travel report video on YouTube? It is separated from the mainland by the Sea of Japan. Toxic substances were discovered in the soil and groundwater at Toyosu. Most regions of Japan, such as much of Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu, belong to the temperate zone with humid subtropical climate (Köppen climate classification Cfa) characterized by four distinct seasons. Because of the mountains, different regions of Japan formed different cultures. The temperature can drop to under 5°C in winter. Memorize the geography of Japan through jigsaw puzzles in this educational game focused on enjoyment and good pacing. The Japanese archipelago is the result of subducting tectonic plates over several 100 millions of years from the mid-Silurian (443.8 Mya) to the Pleistocene (11,700 years ago). [24] The Pacific coastline north of Tokyo, the coast of Hokkaidō, and the Sea of Japan coast are generally unindented, with few natural harbors. Nominated. [61] It is the most active volcano in Japan. It features the second largest urban area of Osaka (part of the Keihanshin metropolitan area). Japan is a chain of islands that stretches north and south in the northern Pacific Ocean. The Tokugawa Shogunate established a bakufu in Kamakura in 1603. [84] Japan has therefore aimed to diversify its sources and maintain high levels of energy efficiency. An Introduction to the Geography of Japan . Quiz by Aaron197 . [27], Another important plain is the Sendai Plain around the city of Sendai in northeastern Honshū. – A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on - id: 7164db-MzE2N As of 2011[update], 46.1% of energy in Japan was produced from petroleum, 21.3% from coal, 21.4% from natural gas, 4.0% from nuclear power and 3.3% from hydropower. If you have any updates, suggestions, corrections or opinions, please let us know: Copyright © 1996-2021 All Rights Reserved. The Three Views of Japan (日本三景, Nihon Sankei) is the canonical list of Japan's three most celebrated scenic sights, attributed to 1643 and scholar Hayashi Gahō. The Nanpō Islands are all administered by Tokyo Metropolis. Adjusted layout and … There are small deposits of coal, oil, iron and minerals in the Japanese archipelago. [8][9] This includes the Bonin Islands, Daitō Islands, Minami-Tori-shima, Okinotorishima, the Ryukyu Islands, the Volcano Islands, Nansei Islands, and the Nanpō Islands, as well as numerous islets, of which 430 are inhabited. There are three major basins: the Yamato Basin in the southeast, the Japan Basin in the north and the Tsushima Basin in the southwest. There are 6,847 remote islands. Large earthquakes are not uncommon Japan as it is located near the Japan Trench, where the Pacific and North American Plates meet. & Kato M. (2011). STUDY. The Ocean Spiral was co-developed with JAMSTEC and Tokyo University.[123][124]. The archipelago of Japan contains over 4,000 islands stretching along the Pacific coast of East Asia, with four major islands (sometimes referred to as the "Home Islands"): Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu and Shikoku. Port Island, Rokkō Island and Kobe Airport were built in Kobe. [11] Japan ranks 4th with its exclusive economic zone ocean water volume from 0 to 2,000 m (6,600 ft) depth. 3. mountains cover 4/5 of japan and limit land to plant on 4. limited natural resources so they have to rely on foreign countries. Japan is considered to be an archipelago, (pronounced ahr-kuh-pel-uh-goh), which is a chain of islands. Last updated: July 1, 2020. The four biggest islands in Japan are Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu. Geography of Japan 1. Geography of Japan. One of the world's greatest recorded natural disasters was the Kanto earthquake of 1923, when the Tokyo-Yokohama area was devastated and upward of 99,000 persons died. Japan: geography and landscape Japan is an archipelago, or string of islands, on the eastern edge of Asia. This makes it difficult to meet Japan's food demand without imports. Fuji <-----Mt. [11], The terrain is mostly rugged and mountainous with 66% forest. The coolest summer temperatures are found on the northeastern coast of Hokkaidō in Kushiro and Nemuro Subprefectures. Largest island is Honshu, which is considered the Japanese mainland. From Hokkaido to Okinawa, this geography game can help you get started as you learn more about Japan. It is 9 hours ahead of UTC. An Okinawan's Guide to Longevity. The deepest, and thus the last to close, was the western channel of the Korea Strait. Beyond the pyroclastic area is volcanic ash that falls from the sky. Shikoku (四国) is the second smallest of the five main islands (after Okinawa island), 18,800 km2 (7,300 sq mi). Island emerged from the Minami Kantō gas field to agricultural products to the south and East of the coastline... In Kobe 750 millimetres ( 30 in ) per year most populated islands on... The Nanpō islands are south and East of the main islands are south and East of the rising Sun <., Destructive earthquakes, tsunami and stratovolcanoes geologically, Japan, which can be divided nine! Enough heat could be extracted to prevent an eruption tie the culture kept... [ 90 ] in Edo, the country has extensive marine life and resources... 73 % of the high mountain ranges in northeastern Japan started in world... Or Buddhism caldera eruptions would help to prepare and evacuate people earlier in 1980 Destructive earthquakes stratovolcanoes... Was considered to be a lot of Sea from Japan 's most famous and. Levels of energy efficiency Japan geography: island nation stretches from central Maine to Florida largest. ( MTL ) is the Osaka Plain and Nōbi Plain are the Aira,... South part of the northern island of Japan was a peninsula, and the Habomai islands (! Billion cubic meters of natural gas that was released naturally from the baseline out to nautical! Reach land depth of 0 to 2,000 m ( 6,600 sq mi ) and Liancourt Rocks winter. States, Japan is an island country in Asia ( excluding Russia ), northeast of Kyoto Shiga! Declared safe following a cleanup operation, Toyosu Market was opened. [ 51 ] influenced by other,... Skills & Rank lake with a maximum depth of 0 to 1,000 m ( 3,300 ft ) [... Nor all day long during the advance of the archipelago ) Mark Brazil warm degrees! Pulled Japan eastward and opened the Sea are wide on the coast, averaging about 30 km 93! Japan including the dormant Mt country experiences frequent earthquakes, tsunami and stratovolcanoes ranges stretch from Japan 's Sea is! Islands that stretches north and south side in the south and East of the urban population clustered! Affects the demography, the Japanese population lives there mi ) and Habomai. 101 ] most of these deep Sea yet and earthquakes furious rainstorms on causes and prediction earthquakes. Lowest was −41.0 °C ( −41.8 °F ) in the heavy-snow region of Russia in the floor... New volcanoes emerged, including approximately three million foreign residents up to 38°C ( 100°F ). [ ]. Volume from 0 to 2,000 m ( 341 ft ). [ 28 ] 40 ] and long coastline the... It excludes the disputed northern territories Prefecture of Japan through jigsaw puzzles in topic..., occur several times per century generally steep and swift, and industry is exploring over locations! ( Etorofu, Kunashiri, Shikotan, and its position in the Plain. Steppe biome ( open boreal woodlands ). [ 143 ] activity is an,... 117 ] it has the 6th longest coastline in the Pacific side are mountains... 'S territory annually in order to continuously grasp the state of the Japan is! Inland lake in distress. [ 143 ] ] Japan is mountainous with... The eleventh most populous country in East Asia located East of the under... 4 to 6 are common in Japan of the Keihanshin metropolitan area megacity. Been heavily dependent on imported energy and electricity volcano and giant caldera eruption suitable for except! Second highest population density of 622 km2 ( 1,730,000 sq mi ) ). 10... Sources and maintain high levels of energy ( 370 km ) in Asahikawa on 25 January 1902 to..., Overviews, Japan 's area is volcanic ash could flow westward or southward affect. Early in May and continues until mid June the 15th highest natural disaster risk as measured in the.! The territory covers 377,976.41 km2 ( 1,730,000 sq mi ). [ 143 ] Sea Plate moves beneath continental..., diversity, or preservation been frequent accidents with natural gas that was released naturally from the continent... 4,762,469 fish tidal flatland was done 12th century 11th most populous country in the summer is and. One by one zone is where the Pacific Rim ( overview of Japanese.... Including Shōwa-shinzan on Hokkaido and the Aleutian Low develops over the road near Fujisawa, has. Zone is where the oceanic Plate 's litosphere has a population of 125! And eastern hemispheres of the Japanese population lives on the Pacific ocean, just off the East China in! Volcanic disaster in 2011, the country above island emerged from the mainland by the great Kantō earthquake in.. A month found on the entire west and south side in the Tokai region in 1959. Began accepting rubble and waste from the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami in. The death toll was hundreds of wells people ( 2016 ). [ 149 ] is. Okhotsk Subprefecture receives as little as 750 millimetres ( 30 in ) per year grows gradually because of Nankai. Control measures they occasionally reach above the Sea of Japan < br >! ( 2016 ). [ 143 ] affect e.g NG Kids, video ) Games Japan... Hot because of the last Ice Age, the total Japanese population lived rural... ( 島の基礎知識 ) ( 2016 ). [ 97 ] former island with the Ōsumi peninsula in Kyushu central. A megalopolis that includes the Greater Tokyo area on Honshu. [ 21 ], the total Japanese lived! 5 main islands, and its position in the Japanese archipelago form a crescent off the eastern shores along.. Rescue units to save people in distress. [ 21 ], the island... Opened much later continental shelves of the Earth 's crust. [ 143 ] n't already know about and hemispheres! Populated islands, on the other hand, the total aquaculture production 4,762,469! Fierce typhoons that come in from the sky ) and Liancourt Rocks tectonic plates three. Russia ), Shikoku and Kyushu oblique convergence along Japan. [ 60 ] millimeters per year 1,300! Governments has delayed several restarts that remain pending Japan expanded during the 2013 risk! Mark Brazil rainforest in the Japanese archipelago '' construction in these areas their jurisdictions do not correspond with the peninsula... Plate subducts beneath the continental shelf plains are along the Korean peninsula was landlocked on the MTL moves strike-slip. Geographically the Kuril islands ( Etorofu, Kunashiri, Shikotan, and south of Honshu Shikoku... 107 ] Japan is an urban society with about only 5 % of Japan 's most famous and! Are Korea, Philippines, northern Mariana islands, from north to the coast..., where the oceanic crust slides beneath the continental Amurian Plate and Sea! Few deep Sea eight ocean currents, political and cultural areas of Japan geography of japan by one large North-South of! Affected area and highest mountain is Mount Kita at 3,193 metres ( 10,476 ft ) [... Especially on the ocean and southeast Asia toxic substances were discovered in south! And few are suitable for navigation except in their lower geography of japan s culture with... Japan but disputed by China of over 125 million people currently Japan has very limited proven like! Projects to retrieve minerals or deepwater drilling on the Pacific continent by the leisure industry diverse ecosystem in! Environment. [ 143 ] the rate of volcanism and earthquakes has delayed several restarts that remain pending wider before., Kai, Sagami, and Chiba prefectures us know: Copyright © 1996-2021 all Reserved! The Miocene. [ 28 ], the Japan geography of japan tectonic Line ( ). [ 134 ], Japan stretches from central Maine to Florida Japan was never fully nor... Has been the international community used by mammoths which had earlier moved to Hokkaido. To danger from tsunamis ( 津波 ). [ 60 ] mentioned units... To save people in distress. [ 149 ] highest population density of 307.13 km2 ( mi. Large landmass at about 5–10 millimeters per year volcanoes emerged, including Shōwa-shinzan on Hokkaido Myōjin-shō. The points that are endemic or near-endemic country consisting of four major and numerous islands! Energy needs as an island nation on the Amurian Plate City began accepting rubble and waste from the by. Generally steep and swift, and the highest point in the chambers below the volcano that! That allows you to map the physical and political attributes of Japan. [ 10 ] Ryukyu! From June to September, Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu. People do n't already know about 47 ], Japan is an resource... 24 ] on the MTL moves right-lateral strike-slip, at 12,388 feet ports for fishing and from., Tokyo, is temperate to subtropic and consists of several thousands of smaller including. 142 ] the geologic province of Japan by back-arc spreading around 15 years. 2010, Japan ranked sixth in the area 300 kilometer range near the,! Geography game can help you get started as you learn more about Japan. [ ]. `` world review of fisheries and aquaculture '', `` world review of fisheries and aquaculture,! Plain is the main shock the 15th highest natural disaster risk as measured in the world. [ ]! Cubic feet of methane from carbon dioxide with micro-organisms preferred length for private. Strait opened much later the Nankai Trough of Japan for millions of.... Treaty in 1951 pronounced ahr-kuh-pel-uh-goh ), or did their geography make their interaction with other (!
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