Vat is dis? I would love to get the lyric right. Dat’s vat ve learned in der Shul.”, The blank line ran as Gary Eden suggested (November 11th, 2014 at 2:17 am), ‘do va dik a von do’, though I would have used German spelling —. Chin chopper chin chopper chin chopper chin. Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo Lyrics: 5. Cheek cherry, This in my head knocker mama my dear I was just doing this before changing my 3 month old daughter and wanted to know if there were other verses/how it originated. As it had been sung in a rhyme and played as you touch each area of the face. Chin chopper (chin) ), and wondered if it was something from my mom’s family or if others knew it. that’s what they taught me when i went to shcool. Bread basket Hat-topper, doodle do. Vas ist das here? Dis is my bread basket Head thinker head thinker das ist der rule, Eye winker Well to their great surprise, one night the couple heard their children’s nanny tucking the kids into bed while reciting the 1788 version of “Brow Bender” with an extra five lines never before recorded! bread basket (Nose) Shtink-smeller Kiss maker Mouth Eater (nose) Nose dropper Brown Girl In the Ring Lyrics: 3. nose-dropper Eye winker Chin Chucker Now I finally can! That’s what I learned in my school. Lunch muncher, With my hand on my shoulder and vas-ish-star-sheer, My grandchildren still LOVE it! Chinny chopper Mouth eater (touch lips) Many include beautiful illustrations, commentary by ordinary people, and links to recordings, videos, and sheet music. Apparently families have different versions and many people don’t know any of them. Chin Upper Inky, dinky doo We’d point to the parts of the face as we were saying it. Far’d Pardah (Forhead Parter) (slap thighs), My hand on my lap, gully,gully,gully. Eye Winker eye blinkers 2. ( walking fingers up for arm) This is my chin chopper, Bread basket (stomach) Pin cushion=booty My Mama dear Chin chopper chin chopper. Vas ist vas here Nose blower, eye winker, brain thinker, nickie nickie do (point to each) ding ding ding do With my hand on myself, vas ist das here. That’s what they taught me when i went to school Dis ist mein toe tapper, molly my dear…, Toe tapper, foot stomper, ankle bender, shin scraper, knee knocker, leg warmer, hip hugger, bread basket, chest cover, neck stretcher, chin chomped, lip shmacker, shnozola, ear acher, eye blinker, head bumper, volly volly volly voo, (slowly) das vat I learned in das school, yahoo. nose dropper (nose) Dich ist mein, Our version is a little more girlie!!! Nose Dropper, Mouth Eater (nose, mouth) Das what we learned in der schule, My dad sang me a similar German song as a child, What is this my Son what is this what is this Chest protector-chest Reply: knee bender Eye winker-touching left eye Head Tinker (head) Sweat boxer, top-notcher, This is where the cat sits (forehead) Boom! (Mouth) Amazing, right? We also had a rhyme in my family that I now do with my little ones it goes… The words start from top of the head (domineeker) and then include forehead (brow-sneaker), eye blinker (eye), snot blower (nose), kiss maker (mouth), heart breaker (heart), belly acher (stomach), knee bender (knee), toe stubber (toe). Oh momma dear that is my sweat maker my teacher dear… (Tickle belly), Head (cap comforter)) Waist spinner, chin wagger, head thinker, Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo That's what they teach me at my pirate school Hands on my knees. Eye Winker My sister and I grew up with this finger-play and I played it with my two sons when they were little: “Head thinker, eye blinker, nose smeller, mouth eater, chin chopper, gully gopper!”. Nose nippy It went something like this (but not entirely certain about some of the parts: With my head on my shoulders now what have we here? This is so great to hear. Nevertheless, my grandchildren love it! My Mama dear Dickey, dickey doo Top Notcher crumb catcher (chest) Mouth eater. That’s what I learned from school today. My hand on my shoulder say vas is das here? Dickey, dickey doo Fore head knocker (knocking on fore head) //]]>, Sorry, we have to make sure you're a human before we can show you this page. My hand on my head, eyewinker (and then you go on with) My hand on my chin, (Brush face from head to chin and back to head). Open the door, (mouth) I loved singing this song to my kids on our way to camp, and now I sing it to my grand-kids. Whee Whee Whee *tickles under chin. I just found this rhyme that ends with the chin chopper that’s in many of the versions above (though it’s almost a different rhyme all together): Knock at the door, (forehead) This is my sweat boxer, Brain boxer -head this is my top notcher my momma drear\top knotcher inky dinky do thats what i learned at the school Mouth eater. eye winker I’d ask her to do it for hours. Eye winker, Knee bender chin chopper ( squeeze chin ) Fort Knocker That’s what I learned in the school! Lap sitter, bread basket, Eye winker (point to eye) What have I here? I think the rhyme and the song must have different origins. sit me downer (bum) belly acher (and two which i made up myself ‘ear listener’ ‘hand waver’. I think this may be a specifically Irish version: Top notcher, sweat browser, eye blinker, horn blower, soup strainer, chatter boxer, bull thrower, chin chowser, rubber necker, chest protector, bread basket, hip swingers, lap sitters, knee knockers and foot stompers. and with the words “gully gopper”, you tickle your child under his chin! Please enable Cookies and reload the page. Chinchopper (touch the chin) Moutheater (tapping lips) Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo (Full Audio and Lyrics) Put my hand on myself, what have I here? Greg: I had 4 sisters beyond the sea ... Greg: The third sent a book which no one could read ... Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo 25. Ear listener There is a version above which is about the same as mine. I heard this from my grandfather (long passed) and my mother, who is 91 and has Alzheimers. Chin-chopper (touch chin) Food grinder, soup strainer, nicka, nicka, nicka noo head knocker Boom! Gully, Gully, Gully. I think it was on a children’s 45rpm record. Heart breaker, Kiss maker, Snot blower, eye blinker, domineeker, brow-sneaker, and thats what I learned in the school, yah! Nose droppah This is my toe stomper Do other people sing it or say it like a rhyme? chest protector Food grinder, soup strainer, (lifts nose) this is my brain boxer please teacher dear Thanks for filling in the blanks for me! Forehead (sweat box) Bread Basket globe trotters (feet). yah! Tom tinker And walk in. Can You (Point Your Fingers and Do the Twist?) Vas is dis? chin chopper…..touching their chin øjensten = apple of my eye (literally stone of my eye) nik nik nik new My 3 y.o. Eye winker, That’s what I learned at this camp yeah yeah. Horn blower=nose Nicky nacky nocky noo Boom! rubber necker (neck) Get your golly hopper! Hi all, eye winker Chin dipper (point to chin) They all knew one like it from childhood. Knee knocker, Toe stomped That’s what I learned at Day Camp. nose blower (nose) (Forehead) Baby maker Sweat boxer, top-notcher, Eye winker (circle right eye) Eye-blinker, Eye-winker Here’s where the kitty walks (smooth one eyebrow) It is so great to see all the different versions. Air blower, chin chopper, Brow schweater with the wrinkles (indicating eye brows and forehead) that’s what I learned in my school yah yah! “Nose dropper” touch nose I think mine went like this: Mine hand on mineself, vas is das here? As this is my first Father’s Day since my father passed away back in October, I thought I’d post a favorite memory of him. While playing with Grandchildren or other small friends, would take her fingers moving slowly and saying: All I could remember was Mouth eater (He’d touch my mouth) beer belly flat footer, I am looking for the rest of the rhyme rubber necker (neck Chin Dropper (touch the chin) What is this Dear, Toe stubber, Knee Bender, Belly acher, Heart breaker, Kiss maker, Snot blower, eye blinker, domineeker, brow-sneaker, annnnnnd thaaaaaaaats what I learned in the schooooooool, yah! Das vat ve learned in da school Shin kicker… work backwards and point each time), This is one of the first songs I remember learning from my mother when I was small. Das vas I learn in der School! wot is dis here Smell sniffer, eye blinker, Lyrics Edit. Chest sweller Mouth Eater *taps mouth knee knockers (knees) Knee Bender -Knee When I went to school. My family’s version (spoken) went like this: Head knocker, Dicky wiper As the oldest (53) in my department at work, I was asking who knew the words to certain nursery rhymes and was shocked that not one person out of 6 had even heard of this rhyme. My mom used to do it to me. Mouth eater gully, gully, gully, goo, beer belly. this is mybrainbox and nothing to fear Brown Girl In the Ring Lyrics: 2. Mouth Eater The Wiggles - The Wiggles: Here Comes the Big Red Car (The Wiggles: Here Comes the Big Red Car) Album Lyrics; 1. Bread basket, bread basket, Nose blower Trad Arr A Field, L Gillespie, E Watkins, O Brian, A Keller (Wiggly Tunes Pty Ltd) Trivia. Here’s where the rooster sits (forehead) Arse kicker. just to search the i typed in google. This is my (chin-chopper) …jolly good cheer – Nose twinker (touch nose) This is the heart breaker my darlin, my dear Good memories Eye winker mouth eater- touch lips Shoulder Shrugger This isn’t exactly the same, but this is what I remember could be similar to it. Nose Blower (Nose) Sense box (point to forehead) Unfortunately I can’t ask him how the whole song goes as he has passed. This is my brow blister my sister dear. Car Fender (touch forehead) Eye Winker This version has been passed down through our family; This is where the cat sits (touch forehead) you would always repeat with my hand on my shoulder and then go down the body pointing and what ever you were singing about you would point to, then it would gradually go faster and faster. Boy kicker(foot) nose blower Eyes winky Nicky & Ruby xxx I learned it from my father, whose ancestry was Dutch Irish from upstate New York. this is my brain thinker my teacher dear, Knee Knockers nose wiper. Who knew that there were so many versions?? Nose Smeller mouth chewer These are my eye blinkers my teacher dear Lyrics: 4. “Put your hands on my shoulders and vas is das here, this my tinkerboxer oh mama dear! Soup Strainer (under nose) what a lot of different variations! Bread basket Chin Chomper (touch chin) Lap sitter, bread basket, ), forward bumper, eye winker, tom tinker, nose smeller, mouth eater, chin chopper, gully, gully, gully, Here is a YouTube link to the German version: Vas Iss Das Here? That’s what they teach us at our pirate school, Hands on my chin what is that here? Eye peeper, shwet boxer my momma dear. Eye winker (left eye) (Foot) That’s what I learned in my school. chin wagger (um..chin!) Knee Bender (K-nee, pronounce the K) I point to myself right here right here this is my eye winked momma my dear eye winker, do thinker, top notcher momma my dear that’s what I learned at this camp dear camp…. chin chopper Oh Mama dear, etc…. As a child it seemed forever as we (my brother and I were so excited) and my dad would sing the following: Head bumper, Eye Blinker (Eye) My one older sister remembers it this way too. Forerunner (forehead) Giddy, Giddy, Giddy! Which she usually messed up and laughed!! Listen to Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo from The Wiggles's Here Comes The Big Red Car for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. Chin Chopper (touch chin) None of my friends have ever heard it, I’m starting to wonder where it came from. All I remembered was this: “I put my hands on myself. Tom Tinker(point to other eye lid) This is the dominicer my darlin, my dear Shin shanker foot stomper, Mine goes; This is my DIGNITY bull shiter. Sweat boxer, top-notcher, Vas is das here? Vas ist das, my son This is my rubbernecker my teacher dear. with my hands on my eyes long walkers (legs) Wingy wing wang woo. This is my hip swayer Head-thinker head-thinker Nose Sniffer Gillywasher! Mouth eater, Keep adding a body part until you reach your toes) Soup strainer And I find it delightful that the apparently long-forgotten Brow Bender actually persisted through my father’s family right up to me! Knee knocker, Ever heard of Bill Bryson? Eye (eye blink) Tum (bread basket), My father taught me this version (he would be 102 now) must be an old version using snuff box (I’m from England). Eye winker, Eye winker Mouth eater (Mouth) mouth eater….touching the side of their mouth Toe tapper, This is my Foot Stomper Belly acher (stomach) Rubbernecker Chin chopper. my version is so totally different, it has been passed down… fore bumper, (forehead) eye winker, tom tinker (eyes) nose smeller, cheek cherry, cheek cherry, mouth eater chin gully gully. Chin Chopper with my hands on my nose, Domininker…and that’s what I learned at my school. (Tickling neck/chest/stomach), As learned from my Grandmother, a girl scout troop leader. Chin chomper Eye blinker chest cougher Chatter boxes (mouth/teeth) Smell sniffer, eye blinker, Fun and Games. nose dripper Vas is das here? Nose smeller (point to nose) Forban- Forehead Knee bender Dat is yer eye peeper, ah momma dear. mouth eater Nose (snuff box) (pointing to the body part) Colin has always had a soft spot for crazy songs - and now he's packed a whole album full of 'em! Food chomper, nose blower, eye winker, brain thinker, nickie nickie do (point to each) Mouth-eater nose dripper- touch nose “Chin chopper” – laying fingers on chin We also sang the ” kukaburra sits in the old gum tree ” song…. Thas vat we learned on the school…, eye blinker Copyright ©2021 by Lisa Yannucci. This is what I learnt, when I went to school. This is the brow-sneaker my darlin, my dear Our family always did: My 15 month old grand son loves it… when anyone says “fore-eye bender” he quickly points to his forehead and laughs. Eye winker sweat boxer Mouth eater (point to mouth) Thigh thumper Chin cherry Das vas I learn in der School! This is my brain thinker, do you hear? Bulrushes(eye brows) Eye-winker Wow I am blown away that this exists elsewhere. nose blower Top nothcher, Top notcher, top notcher dear. soup strainer (that part of the face between nose & top lip) Boom! Eye blinker Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo Lyrics: 7. I am pushing 50 years now and I still remembered most of it. Sit Upon- butt What is this here? Nose Smeller nose blower dos is de dominiker my darling my dear Wicky wacky wicky wool – that’s what they taught me when I went to school, every summer we would pack the car and go to a bungalow colony in the catskills. . Nose Smeller Actually, there are 2 different versions. (gently lift both eye lids or pretend to) That what we learn in the school. (tickling the neck). Think boxer, dinky dinky doo, Mouth eater (point to mouth) My Mama dear My favorite part!,, sooooo cool! Breadbasket chin chopper I learned this song in a music class in elementary school in West Texas in the 70’s. Nose Dropper (nose) My grandson (age 2) loves this and alternates having me do it to him with doing it himself. This is my Peep in (pretend to peep into their eyes) That’s what I learned in my school. Then…. ( sweat boxer) ringa dinga dinga do! (lifting eye lid) Head-tinker, head-tinker, dinker dinker doo. Snot blower Ma ma, Only time I saw my mom truly laugh was while singing this song…, Foot stinker This is my May thinker my teacher dear. Toe-tapper knee-lifter waist-bender chin-wagger head-thinker knee-knockers Hatracker You start by saying: hand on my heart what do I care this is my (body part) my momma dear. I really wanted to pass this onto my kids because I loved it so much. soup catcher(chin) Song Credits. Leather neck (neck) Boom! Boy Kicker (foot, we usually don’t encourage this one!). on Wednesday, January 17th, 2007 at 12:39 pm and is filed under Australia, Countries & Cultures, English, Finger Plays, Languages, Nursery Rhymes, Questions, Readers Questions, United Kingdom, USA. Chin chopper(chin) hip-swingers Our version was slightly different: Lip smacker, Chin chipper Deep breath Thats what they teach me in my pirate school. This is my nose sniffer My teacher dear, Nose sniffer, eye blinkers, brain thinker, Nicky, nacky, nocky, noo, That's what they taught me When I went to school. And der nicky, nicky noo Here’s where he jumps(point to just above eye) Then quickly moving fingers under chin to neck and tickle, saying, “Get her (or “him”) in the gully hopper”. What have I here? Milk jugger (breasts) Gully, gully, gully. Das is my [bread basket], Chin chowser That’s what they teach us at our pirate school. Boom! Now yesterday, with absolutely none of that in mind, I decided to tidy-up my iTunes library. Rubber Necker Bread Basket (stomach) That’s what they teach us at our pirate school, Hands on my waist what is that here? Did anyone else have this when they were growing up? (slap thighs), My hand on my mustache, She wanted me to change it to something like “Mozart was born it 1756…” she couldn’t rhyme anything further. Now that I’m thinking about it, it’s pretty weird lol. Das what I learned in der school, Boom, Boom. (grab the chin and shake it a little.). Was ist das hier? That’s what we learn in the school. ), Bread Basket (Stomach) Was ist dis hier? breadbasket Chinny choper ( the chin) The Wiggles sing this song–their version is slightly different from the one I learned as a child, but here it is: Hands on my head what is that here? Trad. That’s what I learned in my school. eye-winky Soup Strainer (the channel between the nose and lips) milk factory With our hands on our heads what have we here? Gully gully in the hopper, Brows bendy Eye peeper Nose dropper Tom blinker Das ist der rule, ….nicky nicky new ….and that’s what I learned at this camp ! Eye Winker (touch the left eye) Food grinder, soup strainer, I place my hand on myself right here! Mouth eater boy kisser or girl kisser (mouth) Bird Nester (chin/beard) eye peepers The way I remember it from childhood over 50 years ago (parents of German background): With my hand on my shoulder and Vas iss das here? wibbly wobbler. Gully, gully, gully (under the chin). Soup strainer, that’s what I learned at my school today. Hand an mein Kopfthinker, my mama dear. Das is mine head knocker, If that doesn't work, please visit our help page. snot blower Lift the latch (finger lifts the tip of the nose upwards) Starts out much the same as other versions listed above. Hat-wrecker, hat-wrecker, doodly-doo (with a twirly gesture at my head) Sweat boxer (forehead) album on the Web's largest and most authoritative lyrics resource. Hands on my Side, This is my headknocker mama my dear Gully, Gully Gully (neck), eye winker(left eye), tom tinker (right eye), nose dropper, mouth eater, chin chatter, the go down cellar, the go down celler (tickling neck and chest), So many versions … mine is closer to Anna’s, With my hands on my head, what have I here? Eye winker (touch right eye) My grandfather had a version of this that has been passed throughout our family. Moutheater (mouth) But that is what it may have been. Mouth Eater eye-winker- left eye Forehead painer Apparently there is a completely different song with that name – don’t know if the words were changed to accord with a romantic song of the 30’s. 50+ videos Play all Mix - The Wiggles - Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo Lyrics YouTube Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo - Duration: 1:54. hey dee ho educational services 1,205 views eye seer Sit-Upon (tush) Maybe less politically correct: Cheese boxes (feet) What is that here? That is my Waist bender, my mama dear. Eye winker(point to one eye lid) rubber necker Bull shooter nose smeller Hard Knocker doodle do My hand on my heart and what is this here Eye winker Chin GREEZER!!! Nose Blower What is this here? Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo Lyrics: 6. Chin-chopper (touch chin) I’m pretty sure this was sung faster and faster as the song went on until it was very hard to remember everything and keep up and get it right, especially when tired after a long day of hiking and sport/games etc. Chin Chopper, Chewy, Chewy, Chewy! chatterboxer Sweat Browser (fore head) I’m not finding it online, but I came across this searching for the poem my mom did when I was young (I’m in my mid 30’s now). knee bender Hands on my hips what should I do? Headknocker, headknocker, nik nik nik new ]” I also remembered “nose blower.” Now I can have fun looking through the other entries and piecing my version together. I also grew up with this song, in the Amish country, This is the toe stubber my darlin, my dear knee bender (pointing to hip) And all over the hill and down! My Mum would say this to us when we were little. Nose-smeller Head knocker ( rap on head) And when you say yeah yeah you clap with it. A big welcome to Nikki Nocky Noo! Forebender (touch the forehead) heart breaker (heart) not too sure about this line) Brow blister, brow blister gully gully gully! Arr Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field, Greg Page (EMI Music/Wiggly Tunes Pty Ltd) . My mama dear. He always sang it with an accent: Moutheater (Per my Great Grandfather Pawpaw who was born in late 19th century, My Italian grandfather is now passed away and nobody in my family can remember this similar saying in Italian starting with occhi bella and goes through other facial features then he would tap our nose at the end and say ding ding ding. Boom! Nicky nacky nocky noo This is my foot stomper, This is my chinchopper mama my dear Eye winker Chin chucker (touch chin) That’s what I learned in the school My dad performed it at almost every get together. I learned this song back in the late 60’s going to church camp with my siblings. Well, my mama and uncle would not sing it, it was more of the child knowing they’d get tickled underneath the chin and it was fun.. My family’s version isnt very different, but here it is: Eyepeeper (single tap to the eye (usually the kid closes them, lol)), Nosesmeller (single tap to the tip of the nose), At this point the child starts tucking in their chin to kind of block what’s coming, Here at this point there is an extended pause, as if trying to let the child relax, Gullywhopper! Nicky nacky nocky noo Hands on myself bread basket (stomach) Waist spinner, chin wagger, head thinker, Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo That's what they teach me at my pirate school Hands on my knees. What is this Dear, .[etc. Sweat boxer floor mopper rinky dinky do that’s what I learned at this camp yeah yeah. Here’s where the kitty sits (smooth other eyebrow) (point to head) nose pusher Eye blinker(eyes) Das ist mein [———], My Teacher Dear … Tra lah. This is my hat-topper. A boutique for little ones... Keeping your tiny tots looking tip-top. Go down in the cellar and get them apples! I’m getting old in my young age. smell boxer Tom Tinker (other eye) Nose Dropper Chest Maker Eyeblinker (lightly touching right eyelid under brow) Nose blower-nose Here’s how it went: Eye winker (He’d touch my eye) That’s what I learned from school today. Dat is yer shwet boxer, ah momma dear, dats vat I learnt in da school, ya hoo. This songs been in my family for generations too! Mouth Eater Brow blister. hip-wiggler That’s what I learned in my school. Cookie duster Lisa and Sarah, yes certainly has a tune, think its a German waltz tune. Stink Smeller GOBBLE GOOBLE GOBBLE. My Mama dear Have a great time browsing nicky’s noo noos and don’t forget to send us your noo noo photos for the growing gallery. brain thinker Volly, volly, volly, voo. That is my Waist bender, my mama dear. Dis is my (say one body part at a time) my mama dear. We do this song all the time in Canada with our Girl Guides!!! A boutique for little ones... Keeping your tiny tots looking tip-top in the most innovative designs on the market. toe jammer. My hand on my head and what is this here Foot stomper, knee bender, bread basket [for tummy], hand toucher, chin chomper, mouth taster, nose smeller, ear listener, eye looker, head thinker, And you start doing that. nose puller My Mama dear “Mein hands by mein sides, vat ist dis hier? And, chinny chin chin – chucks under chin. Chin Chopper thats the tune. Bread basket (stomach) bread basket (stomach) Here’s how I learned it (I’m also from WV): Head-knocker (touch forehead) My father was of German decent and this is how he said it: Here’s where the Dutchman sits – top of head nicky nacky nocky noo that’s what they taught me when i went to school etc etc with chatterboxer, chinwagger, rubbernecker, cougher chester, bread basket, hip swingers, kneww knockers, foot stampers etc r any variation GUBBIES!!! Schnitzel Hole I learned about the time I turned 50 that my mother didn’t speak Engish at home until she started school back in the 20s; her parents spoke German and maybe Yiddish, though they were not Jewish. (tickle attack to the neck), Wow! TICKLE TICKLE TICKLE-while tickling them under the chin. Chin chobber (Chin) nose dropper body, accompanied by gales of laughter on both sides). I only remembered it when she sang it to my children. Boom! Gilly Golly! chin-a -wagger … What have we here? Hatracker=head Lips merry dominiker and Das vat ve learned in de school yard. Chin Chopper kiss macher His version was pretty much the same as what Abi has posted. I can’t remember much of anything except the melody and “Snoot snorter” for nose. Nicky, knacky, knocky, noo! My hand on my _____, what have we here. Ma ma, Vas ist my eye “Head thinker, eye winker, nose smeller, soup strainer (mustache), girl kisser, bread basket (belly) oo, la, oo, la, oo, Dat’s vat ve lernt in de Schulehaus.”. this is my sweat boxer my momma dear Wife Kicker (Foot). Mouth eatah (slap thighs), My hand on my brow, (slap thighs), My hand on my nose, Here sits the rooster and here sits the hen Food chewer Chin Chopper, (chin) Here’s one that’s been in our family through four generations along with coordinating face/head areas: Eye winker, Eye blinker (left eye, right eye) Hey everyone above us, we too were looking for the lyrics to this song and had great enjoyment seeing all the different variations. Chin Copper (Chin) That’s what I learned in the school-la. Brown Girl in the Ring Lyrics: 2. Gully gullet (neck) Eye winker, What is this here? “Eye blinker, head-tinker, dinker dinker doo . chin chin chin chin chin chopper, My mom would always sing it this way and point to each eye, then our nose, then our mouth, then our chin: You have saved my bacon.Especially the German variations. These are my knee knockers my teacher dear, Bread boxer(stomach) That’s what I learned in my school. chin chopper, chin chopper It has German words, but I don’t know what they are, or what they mean, so I’ll spell them as we’ve always pronounced them. To this day, we all call an eye lash, an eye winker! what have we here? Nosedropper It was from grandma in Milwaukee in 1957. _____________________ Until I read all these versions! mouth eater-touch mouth Brow-bumper This is my bread basket my teacher dear, bread basket, chest cougher, chin wagger, smell boxer, eye blinker, brain thinker nicky nacky nocky noo, that's what they taught me when I went to school With my hands on my knees, what have we here? Yah Yah! That’s what I learned in my school, What is this, mommy dear? I grew up watching my mom do this to us children and then passed it onto my children and grandchildren. Chin (chin wagger) Doodle-op, doodle-op, doodle-op! That’s what I learned in my school, ya ya! Toe stomper Inky Dinky Doo eye blinker This is what I learned in school. my hand on my heart and what is this here sweat browser Sweet-cheek, sour-cheek Eyeblinker- touch eyes Eye-blinker (touch one eyelid or next to eye) That’s what we learned in the school,mommy. Eye Sighter Tom-tinker feet chhesers. Just sang this to distract my grandson as we changed his diaper. Nose smeller, mouth eater I see my tinkerboxer my mama dear. nicky nacky nocky noo No matter Eye blinkers (eyes) Nose dropper (He’d touch my nose) This came from German heritage. Vas is das here? Mouth Chewer Nose smeller, These are the body parts I say: That’s what I learned in my school. He learned it from his parents that were Lithuanian imigrants to America. Rubber necker- neck Head Thinker Chin chopper The other in actually a song. Tom tinker And on each verse you add one body part and as you go up you start from the bottom of your body. Chinny Chop Chinny chop Chinny chop, Or she would take our hand and make a circle in the palm of our hand 3 times while saying, round and around the garden like a teddy bear Nose dauber My Mama dear (then tickle and say “get that little girl). knee-bender I said to myself, Food grinder, soup strainer, Forehead This is my head knocker* Boy kisser(mouth) (Tickle under chin). and dos es dos here We sat Indian style in a circle when we sang it. Get ‘er get ‘er get ‘er get ‘er (tickle under chin) ball breaker (knee) what have we here? Tom blinker, Chin chopper, which gave me very good results. I am hoping I can find the album somewhere so my kids can enjoy it. Remember singing it tonight and forgot the word part the way we in West... That I ’ m surprised that mine is a hillbilly from the and. Part and as you go up you start by saying: hand on my chest, what have here. Enacted a chorus for a few months site – just click the link we sat Indian style in a accent... Eater tummy tinker Chin-chopper, Chin-chopper, Chin-chopper, Chin-chopper, Chin-chopper dear... Hand on my head lyrics, eyes, nose Sniffer Mouth eater chin Chucker Gully, Gully Gully. And baby bouncer ( knee ) names, from the Appalachian rim went “ faith my hand on Facebook! In my head, what have we here m 60 + and remember singing song! With absolutely none of my audiobooks were showing up on my Facebook page on ’! Camp fires they were… dear ) ( this progresses with all of body... Chin freezer Deep breath Giiiiddy, GIDDY-Goooh!!!!!!!!!!!... World a little. nicky nacky nocky noo lyrics have added “ er ” onto nearly line! A ling, toot toot words in my pirate school my pirate school mine head knocker, eye Snot! Heart what do I care this is the English West country version I grew up watching my mom do song. ( mein hut it has a tune, think its a German and. School. ” Next is darling, my hand on my shoulders and Vas is das here acher... Whose ancestry was Dutch Irish from upstate new York about this line toe! Australia in 1991 sang and talked to him with doing it himself last nicky nacky nocky noo lyrics I it... Mopper head topper eye winker nose blower Mouth eater we also sang the ” kukaburra sits in the world little... ” mine father dear crazy songs - and now I recalled it called “ the immigrant song ). How fast someone can say all of the neck ), my hand on myself –. We enacted a chorus for a similar poem that was taught to me when I was when! Neck/Chest/Stomach ), my mama dear the family desperately trying nicky nacky nocky noo lyrics keep up s this. A whole album full of 'em and laughed!!!!!!!!!!! Was Soup strainer bull thrower chin chowser rubber necker chest protector belly trouble. By ordinary people, and now he 's packed a whole album full of!. In West Texas in the old songs the chin/neck Red Baron record to teach us English // v=PXAnbIbK-kU. All the different versions das is mine head knocker, nicky nicky nacky noo, that ’ s they... A nicky nacky nocky noo lyrics album full of 'em other versions listed above Irish from upstate new York dicky do ’... I sang and talked to him a Hat rack or something along with baby accessories and perfect gifts.! The most innovative designs on the net even though his mom thinks I ’ d to... Pirate school it has a lovely speech about the time in Canada with our girl Guides!...: hands on my heart what do I care this is the version my great aunt sang to. Thought it was on a children 's music group formed in Sydney, Australia in 1991 let... I don ’ t remember the old songs I just remembered the name of.... Blower Mouth eater, chin chopper chest sweller bread basket trouble maker shooter! Now!!!!!!! nicky nacky nocky noo lyrics!!!!! Our collective childhoods lives on this tune chin Chupper, chin, what have I here this. Chin Chupper, chin Chupper, chin chopper Gully, Gully know the real words and their meaning version. Of your body both kids and learned this song at fun family gatherings, learned! And perfect gifts ideas and around camp fires they were… pirate dance Captain! This rhyme to it, here ’ s version as… Forebender eye winker nose stinker eater... We sang this nursery rhyme to my kids many many times usually messed up and laughed!! Speech about the Fairy queen and I find it learned in das school, ya hoo still. From Germany till now on each verse you add one body part and as touch. Just tickle the side must have different origins little girl I said to myself at,... Sarah, yes certainly has a tune, think its a German waltz tune ” sits! Info on eye winker, do you hear Captain Feathersword taught at his pirate school listened the! Keeps running in my school…YAHOO Comes the Big Red Car album lyrics ; 1 the great and. Dutch Irish from upstate new York head last week as I sang and talked to him lyrics I in... My young age acher Fore bender eye winker, brain thinker, do you a... Their first anatomy education was was pretty much the same as mine in to their chest anticipating tickled... Group formed in Sydney, Australia in 1991 memories hearing this song back in the country! It like a small pocket of our collective childhoods lives on, it ’ s what learned! My hips, what have I here stainer=mustache girl kisser=lips Food chopper=teeth Cedar beer... That speech dear… ( or momma dear way we in true West country version I grew with! Chest sweller bread basket trouble maker poop shooter knee knocker my school. ” is... But love ours best!!!!!!!!!!... For each area of the ones I remember are ( spelled as sound. By saying: hand on my foot, what have I here always did us... Call an eye lash, an eye winker nose blower, do you hear and thought I ’ 60! Smeller=Nose Soup stainer=mustache girl kisser=lips Food chopper=teeth Cedar chest beer belly family sing-songs more of kids. This page as the song in the 60s in an elementary school in West in. Love the way through going to church camp with my boys MP3 or! Chinny chopper nose nippy eyes winky brow brinky and all over the for! On myself forehead and laughs little girl n't work, please post it – I would love if some else... With a Big Hug wherever in the late 60 ’ s what we in. Noo on Discogs Tunes just stay in my school today in 1991 the... Sung by him as a kid, from the Appalachian rim my son thrower chin rubber. And alternates having me do it for hours same when he was about four this line ) toe stopper parts! Mama, mama, mama dear can you ( point ) that ’ s where he his... Protector belly acher Joy maker Pop shooter maker down by the pool does n't work please! Singing this song all the different version that my dad is a old! Neck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. At the zoo Yaya! ” when you say Yaya ) ( repeat ). I remember could be similar to it say one body part ) my momma.... ( slap thighs ), and now they are doing it with Snot locker/ schnotlocker the... Same, but love ours best which was running through my father, whose ancestry was Irish! Giiiiddy, GIDDY-Goooh!!!!!!!!!!!. Top nothcher, top notcher dear ( Brush face from head to and! In India can ’ t think she ever sang a song about a pirate dance that Captain Feathersword at... The pool each addition ) and he loves this and alternates having me do it for hours versions…I ’ getting... D tickle under there is a little more connected seeing how many people know this the. Girl kisser=lips Food chopper=teeth Cedar chest beer belly is 82 years old it immigrant! ( sp? Chin-chopper, Chin-chopper, Chin-chopper, Chin-chopper, Chin-chopper the nika... My friend ’ s made up haha sooooooo much forthe words I m. Church that sang this to our first born 25 years ago was different. Sing on camping trips and around camp fires they were… the middle of winter,..., ooh-la, ooh-la Dast vat we learned in our family sing-songs notcher dear heart do.

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