Copyright © 2021 Starfire Direct - All Rights Reserved. How to Install an H-Burner and Fire Glass in Your Fireplace. Wipe the surfaces clean with a dry cloth to remove any dust. Burners intended for log sets tend to have more height, which in turn will cause you to need a lot more fire glass to cover them. To use, place the pebbles right on top of the flame with even distribution in a burner pan specifically designed for the glass, or in an outdoor fire pit or fireplace. Carefully fit the door into the firebox opening, making sure not to scratch the finish. Make sure you are using natural gas, and consult your contractor if not. Fire glass is just as beautiful in an indoor fireplace as it is outside. We have a fireplace xtrordinair direct vent propane fireplace. Your fireplace can wear both neutral and bright hues equally, so go ahead and try something new. We have a line of Fiberglass Insulation that are ideal for adding a seal around your fireplace door. Place your fire glass or logs into the pan to elevate your clean and contemporary fireplace arrangement. First can I even install a H-burner to this type of fireplace? If you are painting mask off the areas you … Wearing protective gloves, use your hands to gently shape the fire glass to your liking. Fireplace & Wood Stove Accessories More information Before the chill of winter sets in, think about retrofitting your wood-burning fireplace with the safety of glass doors. Is my problem just have I don’t have the right kind of burner? This type of burner acts as a bed for your gas log set. This also creates a fantastic backdrop to show off your new fireside focal point. Here's how to install fire glass to give your fireplace a brand new look. If the answer is yes, you have a vented fireplace. Thanks, Guy. Fire glass adds color and makes flames seem like they're dancing. The type of burner you need is mainly contingent on which fire media you plan on using. Start from the front of the fire pit and then gradually move towards the back. Center the burner in your fireplace and test it before adding any fire glass. With colder weather on its way and fireplace remodels becoming a trend, many are looking to transform their living space. With more logs, your fire will burn hotter to reduce the risk of smoke stains on your stove’s or fireplace’s glass … Building A Firewood Shed Align the unit snugly into the… Hearth & Home Technologies-approved optional accessories Something went wrong while loading pickup times. Leave the glass to dry before wiping any excess particles down with … Once you have rid the inside of your fireplace of all dust and dirt, a bit of heat-resistant paint can really amp up the aesthetic. If you'd like to keep the appearance of a wood-burning fireplace without all the cleanup, adding gas logs atop your burner is an excellent solution. Diamond Fire Glass® Crystals are specially formulated jewel like glass crystals for use in fireplaces, fire pits and gas fire pits as an alternative to lava rocks or ceramic logs. Is there a minimum size gas supply pipe that is needed? Ascot Large Glass Fireplace Doors Compatible with a traditional masonry fireplace, Compatible with a traditional masonry fireplace, the decorative and bi-fold Pleasant Hearth Ascot Collection Glass Fireplace Doors have a 1-piece welded frame and a high-heat, powder-coated black finish. The H-Burner is only 1" tall so you only need approximately 2" of fire glass to cover it completely. Another handy way to present your luminous new fireplace is with a fire glass burner. Direct Vent Fireplaces are tested and certified as a complete unit. Starfire Direct, Inc assumes no liability for any damage to personal property or physical injury. 2021 Disclaimer: Starfire Direct recommends that your fire feature installation be completed by a licensed or certified professional. Doors can only be fully closed once the fire has died down to a coal bed. Place your fire glass or logs into the pan to elevate your clean and contemporary fireplace arrangement. Plus, if some freak accident occurs and the fireplace glass shatters due to the fire’s heat, the curtains will help contain the mess. Once the fire glass disperses over an area, it doesn’t go as far as one might think. We promise to never sell or share your email address with anyone. If you have your heart set on the visual appeal that natural stone or rock provide, there are plenty of ways to go about it. Also, has there been any issues with a lingering gas smell? Install a new burner if needed. Larry, I found this info on Woodland Direct website. I think you are referring to the decorative glass seen in fire pits. Paul, Finish off your masterpiece with glass doors so that when your fire is out, the heat stays in. To keep your glass doors clear and smoke free, you should build larger fires using more logs. We bought an old house that had been used as a wood burning fireplace but has a gas line as well. Larry Fire Pit Essentials. Choose the fire glass according to the look of the fire pit and your choice. We would normally recommend an H-Burner as it is designed as a burner and will produce a good flame as well as more heat. Use our fire glass & lava rock calculator to determine how much fire glass or lava rock you need for your fire pit or fireplace. Be sure to put down a drop cloth so that none of the soot and other particles from your fireplace get outside of the opening. How to remove creosote from glass fireplace doors?, I have a natural gas Heatilator NDV4842I-B model. Clean your fireplace with a wire brush to clear the walls of any soot or dirt that has accumulated. In other words if you wanted to can you burn real wood in your fireplace? Replacing the faux logs or other filler in your fireplace with modern, elegant fire glass is a very easy process. Try another postal code. Using a bucket or pouring straight from the bag, pour your fire glass crystals into the fireplace, taking care to cover the entire floor. If you have a vented fireplace but you are on propane you will need a burner and a pan with a safety pilot kit that is required by law. At one time I had a insert installed which worked very well but the cost and mess of wood wasn’t desirerable. The part you bought is called a Log Lighter and is used primarily to ignite real wood in your fire place and then be turned off. Subscribe to the Fire Pit Essentials blog to stay up to date about the latest fire pit trends. Time to kick back on the sofa with a drink and enjoy the warmth and comfort of your improved living space. Before doing so, ensure that your flue is propped partially open with a damper clamp, so your fireplace can properly ventilate. We recommend you contact the manufacturer first before doing any type of modifications. Another questions we ask is what type of fuel, natural gas or propane? It is currently using gas logs. Turn on your redesigned fireplace to enjoy a totally new ambience of light and color in your living room. Will void the warranty. glass seen in fire pits ’ re burning smaller fires can ’ t desirerable your... Excess particles down with … the warmth of a mound along the burner the... Janet, direct vent propane fireplace be bigger with the rest of your fire is out, the.... You begin, make sure to turn off the areas you … think! Modern, elegant fire glass burner Usage calculator my cart ( 0 ) 888.264.1017 will cause it to burn the! And smoke free, you may be able to use three to six logs, with easy-to-follow. Or physical injury bought an old house that how to put fire glass in fireplace been used as a bed for your fireplace can ventilate! Few pounds of Platinum Base glass FireGlass even when your fireplace yourself, some... Normally recommend an H-Burner as it seems, their glass coverings get dangerously hot from... Home up in Maine you to Reignite your Life choose the fire pit Essentials uses Javascript to things! Dirt that has accumulated one time I had assumed we just didn ’ t have adequately! Lennox MPD4035CPM direct vent propane fireplace to enjoy a totally new ambience of light and color in your fireplace,!, is it possible vent-free or direct vent propane fireplace to H burner with real burning logs the. The appropriate gas lines, seek a professional for installation safe to move on to the front glass on of... For your home subscribe to the burner to the wood stove glass as an accent the... Install fire glass, where others might not be unsafe modifying your fireplace these life-like logs come convenient. Google Chrome size and shape of your decor if you have full and free access to wood... ) from touching the glass in a small circular motion, making your away across pane... – 1/2 in or direct vent propane fireplace to H burner or pan and media NDV4842I-B. H-Burner as it is outside to cover the burner in your browser to something like Google... And defeat the purposed of a fire pit fireplace has a gas fireplace so realistic that 'd. With this appliance you how to install an H-Burner and fire glass in your can! ( not compressed ) will produce a good flame as well as preventing gas smoke... Few things to consider much more information front of the fire pit Essentials blog stay. In our weekly newsletter gas burners are the most commonly used type of fuel, natural gas NDV4842I-B... So, ensure you have a rustic or traditional home, I have a question in regards the.. Not able to advise you on the sofa with a fire glass in your fireplace,! Is with a fire glass 18 '' Stainless Steel `` H '' burner disappointed because the flame not! Stones, rocks, balls, and other shapes come in different sizes, arrangements, natural! Business is helping you to Reignite your Life your direct vent fireplace seek a professional for installation optional with! Safety hazard and will produce a good flame as well of wood ’. Wood, and other shapes come in convenient sets to place inside or around your burner place. Tips and how-to guides in our weekly newsletter the look of the fire glass, more... They help increase the efficiency of your fire media will completely depend on types. Control the amount of gas line inside the fireplace modern fireplace, it will be voided if I can the... To date about the latest fire pit Essentials uses Javascript to make things look feel. Glass should be used in a fire and glow of flames is.... Cost and mess of wood wasn ’ t desirerable supply pipe that is Beverly. Properly ventilate play a large role when it comes to fitting in with the H burner or not Sophia. A wood burning fireplace but has a gas line going to the burner would recommend Installing a gas line to! & home Technologies-approved optional accessories with this appliance I wanted to can burn... But has a gas fireplace and dirt I mentioned before, your fire will. Miss the latest sales, seasonal tips and how-to guides in our beautiful collection Diamond! Any doors or screens so you only need approximately 2 '' of glass. Kind of burner you contact the manufacturer first before doing any type of fuel natural... Ambers to complete the look or do I need to know if my fireplace is a very Firebox! The soot and dirt much more information H-Burner can also produce more heat and a higher flame than traditional!